Celebrating the Launch of Our Supreme Domain Names Marketplace

by Craig
Domain Name Marketplace

I’ve launched a domain name marketplace at www.supremedomainnames.com. The marketplace is hosted by Efty.com and currently includes over 100 domain names. Over the next couple of months we will be adding most, if not all, of our complete domain name inventory, which now includes approximately 5,000 domain names.

I’ve been investing in domain names since the mid-1990’s, thus the marketplace will include numerous domain names that are over 20 years old. The majority of domain names in the SupremeDomainNames.com marketplace are 12 or more years old.

Made up of mostly dot com’s (that’s what the “DC” stands for in our blog name), the marketplace will feature 3-letter domains, 4-letter domains, one-word domain names, and numerous two-word domain names. Many are common everyday phrases or descriptions (e.g., TeenageGenius.com, FromAtoZ.com, MomandPopBusiness.com, etc.), and almost every domain name has potential for being the featured domain name for an up and coming business.

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