Sells for $117,500

by Craig came up the big winner last week with the sale of for $117,500. The owners of purchased the domain name for $40,000 in a private sale. sold for $40,000 on, while DNForum scored the big sale of for $40,000.

When I see a domain name like go for $40,000 it makes me wonder what my domain name,, would be worth. I’d appreciate hearing your feedback with any thoughts you might have on the value of this domain name. Likewise, if you’re in the blinds business and have an interest in buying it, I’ll entertain serious offers.

In the world of 2-letter/number domain names scored a hit with the sale of for $20,500, while sold for $19,279 at One of the big surprises of the week to me was the sale of for $17,150 on

Finally, one domain name gets a lot of type-in search engine traffic, namely, went for $17,650 on The domain name brings up images of the hippy years when the term “free love” was used extensively and became a household word. These day “free love” is a highly searched term on Google, MSN and, so its no surprise that the dot com domain name version would go for such a high value. In fact, if I’m surprised at all it would be over the fact that I think the domain name could have sold for a higher value than it did.

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