Top 5 Domain Sales in NamesCon Auctions Garner $1,945,000

by Craig
Namescon 2019 Domain Auction Sales

The domain auction launched at NamesCon in Las Vegas and managed by NameJet and Right of the Dot (ROTD) is officially over now (the auction continues after the event for some names that didn’t sell in the brief NamesCon auction. sold for $900,000 — the highest price any domain at the auction sold for during or after the event.  Coming in second was, which sold for $435,000.

Rounding out the top five was, a stellar domain name purchased by Uniregistry for $370,000, which went for $130,000 and which was purchased for $110,000.  I think was a bargain at $370,000.  It had far more value to Uniregistry, as well as anyone big in the registrar, auctions or domaining business.  Can you imagine how well that domain will do in the Google search rankings.

I don’t know the history behind the buyer of  First thing that comes to mind is Dow Jones Stocks, so I wonder if it was purchased by a stock broker.  Call me whacky or corny, but the next thing that comes to find with the DJS acronym is Dad’s Jockey Shorts.  Yes, my wife would agree with you, I have a weird sense of humor.

Despite these high-ticket sales at the auction, there were quite a few domains that did not fetch anywhere near their optimal value in my opinion.  I realize that NameJet does as good a job as they can do pitching the NamesCon auction months in advance, but when I see a name like going for only $1,000 and going for just $1,200 or LasVegas.Events only going for $400, it is just a reminder once again that in the world of domaining you are not always matched with the right buyer, the one willing to pay you the most because they fully comprehend the earnings potential of the domain, or it is the perfect choice for their business.  Had I participated in the auction I would have easily paid more for each of these three domains.

On the other hand, there were a few sales at the auction that got more than what my pre-auction brain felt they would go for come auction time.  One was, which sold for $70,000 to a bidder by phone.  I can see it holding a lot of merit as a very brandable name for a Wix-type of website builder, but $70,000?  The seller should be very happy with that transaction.

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