Goes for $150,000 – Top Seller in May

by Craig leads the list of domains sold above $35,000 during the month of May.  It sold on last week.  But here’s a real suprise for you. sold for $120,107 on   Can you believe that one folks?  Sure, I see great value in that domain name, but $120,000 worth!, named after a city I once lived in for 15 years, was sold on for $70,000 in May.  The number domain,, sold for a whopping $92,000 on  That one buckled my knees.  I can’t tell you how any times I had an opportunity to buy a number domain 5 years ago and thought “Who would want a number over a name?”  Reminds me of the time in 1981 I had $19,000 to blow and thought — “Should I buy Microsoft or invest in a computer store?”  Yep, you guessed it — I put all the money in the computer store, shutting it down 6 months later for lack of sales.  That little 19 grand would be worth over $6 million dollars today. sold for $64,000 on Sedo last week.  You can see how that domain name will be used, a great one at that!  A private sale of went for $25,000 — a super sell for a .info domain name.  Lastly, sold on Sedo for $35,000 — not bad for a dot net domain name.

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