RVRental.com Sold for $325,000

by Craig

Can you believe this domain name value. Just when every newspaper you pick up reminds us we’re in a recession, along comes a domain name sale like this one to remind us that America is truly the land of golden opportunities, big money and entrepreneural spirit. For, despite a sharp slowdown in RV sales as a result of the recession and job layoffs, the owner of this domain chose to sell and landed a great price in what turned out to be a private sale.

Two other great domain names that went for big bucks were the 2-letter wonders of YB.com and BJ.com. YB.com sold on Sedo for $125,000, while BJ.com went in Moniker’s live auction for $200,000. Who says no BJ is worth six-figures. (Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself).

Nothing big has been announced other than these 3 over the past week. Still leading the pack for 2008 is the sale of Fund.com which went for $9,999,950 in a private sale back in March. This price is much higher than the 1999 sale of Business.com for $7.5 million, which later turned out to be a $2 million dollar sale after the value of the illiquid Internet incubator and buyer of the domain, eCompanies, was recalculated in 2004.

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Sumbini September 10, 2008 - 12:02 pm

Wow, that just goes to show that good descriptive .com’s and short 2-3 letter .com’s are worth their weight in gold to the right end-user buyers. I registered Shop4RVs.com back about 10 years ago, if someone is interested in it drop me an email at rec3@cox.net


Margot October 6, 2008 - 1:36 am

WQ.com is for sale.
email Shemula@gmail.com for details.