Sale of Nets 9,200% Profit in 11 Days

by Craig

I picked up off a dropped list on March 29, 2008 for $7.05, registering it at By April 7 I had an offer to purchase the domain for $180. The true value of this domain name, which is a common phrase in America, is definitely 5-figures. I sold it today, April 9, for $650.

“Why?” — you might ask, would I sell the domain for $650 if I felt it was worth more. Good question. The short answer is selling a domain for 9,200 per cent profit 11 days after original purchase is never a bad idea, particularly when you consider the real value of a domain is often not fetched until years after you register it. I own hundreds of domains far more valuable than that never have received an inquiry because I haven’t had time to promote them yet.

It would be easy to develop a brand and business around But the baby market is really not my strong point or where my passion lies anymore. My youngest child is 11 and even though shes my baby, she’s no longer a baby. Thus, my interests have evolved. Give me a couple of years and I might be interested in developing a teen site, or finally getting my sites, or off the ground.

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