One-Word Dot Com Discovered on Expired Domain Names List

by Craig

While visually screening an expired domain names list I found, to my surprise, a one-word dot com, that had expired on March 1, 2008. I checked and to my surprise and astonishment, the domain name had not been taken and was available for registration. So why was this domain name overlooked. Well, for one, it is not in the common vernacular of the general public. Secondly, its likely not in all dictionaries yet, but it will be in a matter of time. Why? Because its a relatively new Internet word, one of the new words of our decade.

So what’s the word and domain name. Quite simply, — an Internet buzzword that is repeated on 25,800 web pages indexed by¬†Google. The word itself may be less than 5 years old, but certainly less than 10 years old. Still, it is growing in popularity and will only be used more and more in the future. For example, a recent article at announced that Google was in the process of “wikifying” its Google Maps program. An August 2007 article at about Ohio elections ran under the headline “Wikifying Ohio’s Elections.”

For anyone familiar with the widespread popularity of and Wiki’s in general, you’ll know that my discovery and registration of is worth many thousands of dollars. Given how I just stumbled across the domain doing one of my manual screens of a 90-day dropped domains list, the lucky find reminds me of those diamond discoveries we read about once every few years when a tourist visits the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas and just happens to discovers a valuable diamond, in the same spot where thousands of other tourist have trampled beforehand.

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