One-Word Domain Name Purchased for $5

by Craig

Yep! That’s right, a one-word domain name was recently purchased for only $5. And the good news friends, it was purchased by me. While browsing a long list of domain names for sale on over the weekend, I decided to search the closeouts bin to see if anything of value was worth picking up for $5 or $10. Lo and behold I couldn’t believe my eyes, but about to expire in a couple of hours was — a single dictionary word domain name for only $5. I honestly had to rub my eyes to make sure the l’s were not 1’s. Of course I already knew that the word resell often gets spelled resale, and visa versa. Nonetheless, I checked before my purchase and confirmed that while the word “resale” is found 26.3 million times on Google, the word resell is found 11.7 million times, and its plural form, “resells” is found 657,000 times. I’ll take a domain name that fits that profile for $5 every opportunity I get.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Big deal, it’s a .info domain name, not a dot com.”  Well, that’s true.  But a one-word domain name is worth a lot of money, regardless its extension.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, the dot com and dot net versions of this domain name are worth much more, but mark my word — this baby is worth some bucks.  Currently, the 7-day domain name auction of is up to $21,500, is currently sitting at 1,100 Euros, and has a high bid of $2,500.  So any way you cut it, I stumbled across a good deal picking up for only $5 plus renewal fee.

Although I’m not a big advocate of selling domains via TDNAM, as I noted in yesterday’s post, I do screen their auction occassionally for good deals. My most recent acquisition at was tonight. I purchased for $5. With the large push for everyone to “go green, think green and live green,” I think a short 2-word dot com like will prove to be a great name for a blog, magazine, club, alliance, forum or portal covering green issues.

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