Has the Economic Downturn Weakened Domain Name Values?

by Craig

Bad economy? What bad economy? Take a look at some recent domain name sales and current domain auctions and you’ll be proud to know that domain names still represent a great investment. Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

1. Dollars.com is back on the market again and has a bid of 302,500 on Sedo.com’s 7-day auction.

2. Thailand.org is currently at $6,500 and has 9 bids with over 6 days to go on Sedo.com’s 7-day auction.

3. Courier.net recently sold for $25,000 on Sedo.

4. Transfers.com sold on Sedo for $7,500 recently.

5. HotelBarcelona.es has a bid of $5,200 with several days left on the auction.

6. TPE.org has a bid of $7,500 with several days to go on a 7-day auction.

7. TapShoes.com sold for $12,000 on RickLatona.com

8. Another RickLatona.com sale, PapuaNewGuinea.com, went for $25,000.

9. BoutiqueHotels.com sold for $40,000.

10. Slots.eu sold for $31,200.

However, other than the 1-bid auction of Dollars.com, no truly big ticket domain sales were made in the high 5-digit to 6-digit range, signaling the economy is having some impact. One area that still looks good is the low to mid-range domain name sales. I’m talking low 4-digits to low 5-digits. These still appear to be moving a nice clip.

3-digit number domains are still holding value. 360.org sold for $25,000 on Sedo and Sedo also scored big on the $30,000 sale of CaptchaCreator.com and the $25,000 sale of PokerPals.com

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