– Fitness and Exercise Domain Name for Sale!

by Craig

If you’re a healthy and fit mom, that loves to exercise and keep trim, you might want to consider making money online.  You’ll find no better domain name than the wonderful 6-letter dot com  This is easily a domain name worth four figures.  I’m offering it for the firm price of $149.

I challenge you to search to your heart’s content and find a better domain name for exercise, fitness, health, recreation and weight loss.  You won’t find one, and if you do come close to finding one that might fit the bill, you won’t get if for less than $149.

I accept payment via Paypal only and transfer all domain names within 8 hours of receiving payment.  Buy it now, this one won’t last long!

Major Keywords for this domain include: Gym, exercise, fitness, recreation, weight loss, diet, dieting, diets, weight control, health, aerobics, weight lifting, exercise bikes, running, jogging, etc.

Buy it now for $149

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