Great Domains Coming Out of the Woodwork on Popular Auctions

by Craig

Have you noticed lately what’s going on in the domain name world?  Great domain names that have been held in close hands for some time are coming out of the woodwork in this weaker economy.  Just a few days ago sold for $11,500.  Not a bad price in the economy we now find ourselves in.  Frankly, I was surprised to see that domain name go so high, but consider what’s up for sell now over at and you’ll be amazed to see some really good domain names up for sale.

It appears that one significant domain name owner has unleashed the hounds and opted to sell some precious inventory.  Consider what’s up for grab and you’ll understand what I mean in’s “career theme” auction.  For, in just 15 hours, the following domain names will be coming to an end on their 7-day auctions and the results are not all that bad, but still below values we would have witnessed a year ago.  The lot I’m speaking of include:

  • — now at $50,000 with 13 bids that have pushed the price to 50 grand
  • – currently at $8,888 with 8 bids and the reserve price not made yet
  • – currently at $9,000 with 5 bids and the reserve price not touched yet
  • – currently at $3,000 with 3 bids and the reserve price already met

One thing all of these domains have in common is their career theme, obviously.  That’s because this theme is the flavor of the day, as has been widely promoting its special “career theme” domains auction for the last week.  This is more than likely what smoked these domain name owners out of the woodwork.  It will be interesting to see if the reserve price is touched on, and

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