For Sale – with 18,100 Indexed Google Pages and Tons of Traffic

by Craig

Call me nuts, but I’ve taken a big chance and posted one of my busiest domains up for sale on eBay.  I’ve owned, an independent search engine site with 18,100 pages indexed in Google, for several years.  The site gets over 3 gigs of traffic monthly and continues to grow in traffic count daily.  This is not just a domain name for sale, but the entire website.  I’m also offering 3 months of free hosting for the site in the auction.  This is a 10-day auction with no minimum reserve price.  The opening bid begins at only 99 cents.  Anyone would be crazy not to bid on this domain.  If you know anything about building your own website you already know that 99.9% of all Internet businesses don’t have this many pages indexed in Google.  Just running an ad for your product on every page of the site would earn you thousands of dollars per year.  I’m selling it to raise money to expand other web businesses I own.

To bid on SeekDolphin.comclick here.

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