– Great Escrow Domain Name For Sale!

by Craig

I own an outstanding domain name for an escrow site. Consider how much money is made in the escrow business online. is just one of many websites that handle online escrows. People in the domain name sales business often rely on online escrow services to guarantee the buyer he will receive the domain name, and guarantee the seller he will receive his money.

Purchase now for the unheard of discount price of just $99. That’s right, only 2-figures for a domain name that is easily worth high 3 figures, but would likey appraise for 4 figures. It’s yours now for just $99. Payment by Paypal only. Transfer to your account with 8 hours of payment. When paying, be sure and provide your Godaddy account number and the email address you use for your Godaddy account. This is all I’ll need from you for a quick transfer.

Buy now for just $99.

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