EBay Auctions Net Higher Values Than TDNAM.com Auctions

by Craig

The sale of several 4-letter dot com’s on Ebay recently netted average sales prices of over $100 each, far below their true value, but considerably better than what I experienced selling 4-letter domains on TDnam.com this week. For example, today I had six 4-letter domain name auctions expire on TDNAM.com. The six had a very disappointing average sales price of only $56, a low sale of $50 and a high sales price of $75. Three of the 6 went for only $56 each.

This was a research project I conducted to compare TDNAM.com with Ebay a fantastic read.com using similar types of domains. Two of my 4-letter domains went for over $107 each on Ebay. A 4-letter dot net went for $43 on Ebay. I have several 4-letter dot com’s being auctioned now on Ebay and they appear to be promising much higher values than TDNAM.com

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