Dropped List Domain Name Steals

by Craig

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t search dropped (i.e., expired) domain name lists for great domain name bargains. Today was no exception. Every search always ends up uncovering domain names that attract my attention. If I’ve got one weakness when performing dropped domain name searches, its my tendency to always gravitate to searching the same keywords that hold my personal interests. For example, I’m always looking for domains that include the words cash, money, riches, wealth and moneymaking. The result of this weakness is that I own far too many domains that cover the moneymaking niche.

I often have to remind myself to search for domains that cover niches that have higher pay-per-click ad payouts, given that I place many of my domain names on cash parking. But that’s just one domain name investing rule to consider or follow. Other domain name investing rules I try to follow are listed below:

  • Concentrate on buying dot com domain names
  • Shorter is better than longer
  • 2-word domains are more valuable than 3-word domains
  • Don’t waste time looking for 1-word or 3-letter domains, they’re taken
  • Spend little time looking for 4-letter domains, they’re taken as well and even the bad ones are back-ordered
  • Although you won’t be able to find a one-word dot com or dot net domain, a one-word domain name is always a safe investment, regardless its extension, and can almost always be sold for a profit with a little promotion.

Although I don’t like to buy 3 or 4 word domain names, I have made exceptions – particularly when they represent search phrases or popular subjects with lots of Adwords advertisers. Today was one of those exceptions, as I picked up 2 excellent 3-word domain names and 1 excellent 4-word domain name from dropped lists. The domains I found and purchased were:

  • OnlinePrintingAndGraphics.com
  • GraphicsAndClipart.com
  • FastFoodCenter.com

I also picked up 3 very good 2-word dot com domain names today:

  • StationeryGraphics.com (can you believe this was available?)
  • FastingJuices.com (search phrase and popular way to lose weight)
  • FastFasting.com (another weight loss domain)

So, how did I go about finding these domains off an expired domain names database? As you have likely already guessed, I was searching the words “fast” and “graphics.” Of all the domains on the list, only one is bad for Adsense revenue possiblities – FastFoodCenter.com. However, I have no doubt that I could easily sell this domain for a nice profit. It would make a great business name for a fast food franchisee, the fast food court in mall, the fast food area of a town or city, etc.

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