is For Sale

by Craig

Call me crazy or stupid, but I just opened a 7-day auction on the fantastic two-word dot com domain name —  If you sell computers, build and sell computers, wholesale computers, retail computers, rent computers, etc., you won’t find a better domain name and company name for your business.  This domain name is truly investment grade quality.  It is brandable, contains a search phrase, is easy to spell, easy to remember – hell even unforgetable.  Can’t you just see your your logo — Computers Quick – on every box containing computers you sell and deliver to clients.  This is a dynamite domain name, just set up minutes ago on a 7-day auction with — GET THIS — a minimum bid requirement of only $49.  No, you read this correctly — only $49.  Now you see why my wife thinks I’ve gone mad?  Place your bid for now!!!

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