Comparing 2009 Domain Name Sales With 2008

by Craig
Domain Name Marketplace sold on for $21,760 in July 2008. sold for $14,000, while sold for $9,600. So how are similar domain names selling in the weak economy of 2009? Let’s examine a few recent sales to find out. has one day to go on a 7-day auction and aleady had its reserve price met at $4,100. It’s almost shocking to me that a 3-letter dot com domain name would have the reserve price set so low, particularly for a 3-letter domain name you can pronounce. It’ll be interesting to see what the final number this domain goes for tomorrow. To look it up, click here.

As for recent sales, none as nice as and, but sold for only $3,000, sold for 2,610 Euros and sold for 2,602 Euros. All surprisingly low in my book. However, sold for an astounding $7,000, living a mixed bag. So why is E-14 so popular, other than being a British submarine from World War I era? Beats me. If you’ve got a handle on this one, let me know.

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