Sells for $20,000

by Craig, a very brandable Internet domain name, sold for $20,000 on  And much to everyone’s surprise, the 3-letter dot com domain name,, sold on Sedo for only $16,000. Other surprises included which sold for only $2,050.

While caught everyone by surprise on the low side, went for $5,000.  Go figure?  Think that’s crazy, how about selling for 4,500 Euros.  They one really has me buffaloed.  Can’t wait to see how they plan to use the domain name.

What’s next on the horizon?  Well, you can look forward to seeing what goes for on Sedo.  Currently its at $16,000 (1 bid only) and has 1 day and 10 hours left on a 7-day auction.

On the 3-letter front, is currently at $4,600 with 7 bids and only 10 hours left to before closing. is standing at $2,050 with 2 bids and 3 days, 16 hours to go.  The most popular auction on is with 15 bidders.  However, top bid is sitting at $510 dollars.  Bidding on closes in 25 hours.

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