– 2-word Computer & Network Support Domain Name for Sale

by Craig

If you’re in the computer support business, a network or IT consultant, a new start-up PC support firm, etc., we have an excellent domain name for sale that will totally describe your business in two short words.  The domain, a dot com domain at that, is short and sweet, simply to say and spell, and totally unforgetable.  It’s and today we’re selling it for only $99.

This is a super value in a short, 2-word dot com domain name that is both a search phrase and a description for an entire industry.  If you’re considering starting up your own computer and/or network support firm, then consider buying this domain name,, for only $99 and naming your business Admin Masters.

This domain name is very catchy and sure to remember by all of your clientel.

We’re selling on a first come-first serve basis.  The lucky owner will be the first domain buyer that pays $99 for the domain name directly to our Paypal account.

Note: This domain sold for $99.

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