$99 Dollar Domain Names Opens for Business

by Craig

If you’re looking for bargain domain names at discount prices, domains you can quickly spin for a great profit, look no farther than 99DollarDomainNames.com.  The concept behind this great new site is simple — investment grade dot com domain names at $99 (or slightly more in some cases).

The site just launched a week ago with two outstanding two-word dot com’s that will be great domains for e-commerce.  One domain, ComputersQuick.com, would obviously be a great domain name for computer and computer hardware sales, while the second domain, BBQKitchen.com, represents an outstanding domain name for a barbeque restaurant, barbeque cafe or online barbeque meats marketing business.

$99DollarDomainNames.com accepts payment via Paypal and makes same-day free transfers to buyers with a Godaddy.com account.

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