247WantAds.com Goes on Sale at Supreme Domain Names Marketplace for $199!

by Craig

Long before they were called “classified ads,” the vast majority of people in the United States referred to classified ads as simply “want ads.”  Many people still do and almost everyone knows that a “want ad” is a classified ad.

DC Domain Names, our abbreviated form of saying “dot com domain names” is pleased to announce that Red Cart Media LLC has added this great domain name to its online domain name marketplace at SupremeDomainNames.com.  But the truly great news for domain name investors, someone looking for a domain name to flip, or anyone wanting to launch an online classified ads website, is that this great domain name is offered at the bargain price of $199.

Yes, that price may appear unbelievable to many, but Supreme Domain Names drives traffic to its online marketplace by offering a few domain names from time to time at prices far below their true value.  In the retail brick and mortar commerce world we would refer to any product priced as low as 247WantAds.com as a “loss leader.”

For those of you that may never have heard of this retail marketing term, a “loss leader” is a product sold far below its value to stimulate customer traffic in the hope that some of the customers who buy the loss leader will stay and browse other products, and end up buying more goods that generate higher sales revenues and profits to the merchant offering the loss leader.  This is one reason Home Depot, Wal*Mart, Lowes and many convenience stores sell bottled propane through the cylinder exchange racks stationed in front of their respective stores at fairly low prices prices.  Likewise, its also why they sell bottled water through the bottle change program in the large 3 and 5-gallon containers.  One brand of water you frequently see marketed at the big box stores is the Primo brand.

Here is your chance to take advantage of a loss leader sale of a domain name, in the form of the $199 sale of 247WantAds.com.

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